High speed VPS Hosting

high speed vps

We are specialists in High Speed VPS hosting, powered by SSD or NVMe storage and latest generation xeon CPUs, The team is always working to improve the VPS nodes performance to achieve a high speed vps hosting for our clients.

We will also harden your Linux systems and performance improvements for your websites and services for additional small fees.
Our staff team is fully active to help you and your team with all your issues and troubles , Orca team will be happy to guard your business from DDoS(Distributed denial of services) and act fast for your security and uptime.

We offer cpanel licenses, system maintenance, and security for a small additional fee for easy management of your files, websites, and databases without risking your security.

1- What we do to achieve high speed vps hosting ?

Orcabox’s team is committed to a 100% network uptime for our customers and services.

We can guarantee this commitment with an SLA  to make sure you’re on top of the world.

Our services is powered by proxmox control panel..


We found that PROXMOX is the most stable VPS control panel that does not risk customers’s security.

Because proxmox will remove complexity. Increase elasticity. With the latest version of the complete open-source  proxmox platform for enterprise kvm virtualization.

The Team is also ready to assist you whenever you need to install a web server.

We LOVE uptime and performance and If you’re concerned about your uptime and website performance.

A professional team of web assasins are always active to improve stability, security, performance of your website/services.

Your security, uptime and performance is our #1 top priority.

2- How our high speed vps server is going to improve your website speed.

We use SSDs or NVMe for our VPS nodes and this will significantly improve your database queries and surfing your html/css/images to your visitors.

Also our Latest generation high speed XEON CPUs will process your visitors requests very fast than any other VPS in the market.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us



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    Best price if compared to all other vps hosts with premium network and uptime.

    22 December 2017 @ 8:32 pm | Reply

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